About Mary

Mary Kay Matossian is a health educator & speaker.

She has a B.S.N. in Nursing, from the University of San Francisco and a B.A. in Economics from Temple University, in Philadelphia. She is fascinated with the Science and behavior changes leading to a life free from inflammation, chronic disease and weight gain.

After years of suffering from Metabolic Syndrome: high blood pressure, fatty liver, high cholesterol and high blood glucose with weight gain, she accidentally discovered the whole food, plant-based diet. Her despair and confusion turned into an academic odyssey to better understand this disorder. She is certified in the Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall, Whole Nutrition by Dr. Colin Campbell and a Food for Life Instructor for the Physician’s Committee of Responsible Medicine. In addition, Mary Kay Matossian is a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor through the Expanding Light, Nevada City, California. After 100’s of hours of formal classes, she created a class, “Truth in Food, Your Blood Knows!” The process of BELIEF and changing behavior is easier when we see and experience the truth. The time is now to incorporate powerful, life-changing food choices that build a brighter future and resilience.

Mary has been in the Healthcare Industry for 25 years, working in a surgery center, endoscopy center and as a biometrics’ nurse for large corporations. She recognizes patients and most Americans are needlessly suffering from preventable diseases. what must change?

Escaping the Santa Rosa fires of 2017 with only the clothes on her back, she and her husband are thriving in Reno, Nevada.

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